Intern Opportunities

OC is looking for unique individuals who are able to blend technology expertise with vision and passion for a larger social change agenda. Students looking for service-learning opportunities with a techie spin will find our organization an ideal fit. A selection of current opporutniites are below and we are willing to work with you to design others that will fit both the organization's and your needs. For more information about interning with OC email us at

Grassroots Use of Technology Conference Coordinator

  • work with planning committee to realize annual conference
  • coordinate all logsitics
  • recruit & organize volunteers
  • assist in sponsorshop and fundraising
  • work with program committee

Organizational Divide Iniitiatve Training Coordinator

  • oversee NPO educational program
  • find volunteer instructors
  • schedule space
  • help design and develop curriculum
  • work with online / distance learning coordinator to convert to online learning environment

Online Learning Coordinator

  • identify trainining needs of NPOs who need tech for social change apps
  • design and or modify curriculum to meet needs in consultation with content experts
  • create Moodle based distance learning modules
  • work with ODI coordinator to identify and recruit possible online instructors
  • assist in seeking out partnerships to support online training activiites (i.e. GCF, UMB, etc)

Organizers' Database Support Coordinator and Online Community Developer

  • work with ODB Project Director and users to identify suppor needs
  • create and disseminate demos, how tos, tutorials and other training module
  • participate and promote online forums of ODB users
    help create an robost user community

Developer's Roundtable Coordinator

  • facilitate and promote online and in-person forums for application developers who are interested in creating and expanding social change apps
  • maintain connection to other organizations and groups that are involved in such work ( i.e. CivicSpace,, Drupal, NOSI)
  • Bring local developers together with NPOs to identify and address technology needs

All are about 10-15 hours a week worth of work. There is supervision, but indepdent and organized individuals are hingly preferred.