Public Technologies and Local Issue Involvement

This session will explore how information and communications technologies are being adapted to the needs of people at the most local levels. Facilitator Michele Masucci will share experiences in building youth and community educational partnerships in inner-city Philadelphia, and Paul Schroeder will reflect on use of technologies in solid waste advocacy in rural Maine. Most of the session will be devoted to open discussion about the particular challenges faced by informal, marginalized and resource-poor individuals and groups. Are technologies helping to provide fairness for groups at the geographic and social margins? Participants will be asked to help frame the discussion through responses to three broad questions, now posted at:

A discussion summary will be distributed after the session (see update below):

Greetings to all who attended in this session, and thanks for your contributions from session facilitators Michele Masucci and Paul Schroeder. We've created a summary of the session and compiled the results from the online survey (also as completed by participants at the session), now posted as a .pdf file at Session Summary. Please contact us with any updates or corrections you would suggest, or for any other reason! Thanks again to you all and to the team from Organizers Collaborative who arranged this great conference.
Michele M. and Paul S.


Thanks to all who attended and contributed to the session on public technologies and local issue involvement. A summary of the session and of the results of the 3-question survey have been posted as a .pdf file at Session Summary. For those who want to contact the facilitators directly, our emails are Michele Masucci and Paul Schroeder. Thanks again!

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