How to Build a Web Site that Works for U(sers)

Your Web site serves an essential purpose. You depend on it to communicate your social message, activate constituents, collect donations and distribute news – in short, to carry out your mission. But is your Web site working?

This workshop begins with the premise that when a Web site “works,” it attracts new visitors, communicates your message and provides a quality user experience.

Taking a practical approach, the presenters will illustrate what drives a successful Web site. We will then provide tools and techniques that will help you assess the performance of your website, and improve it.

Please expect an interactive workshop – we hope participants will share their ideas. With plenty of time for discussion, the group will be looking at the real Web sites of our participants when possible, suggesting techniques to improve them.

* If you have an issue, tool or technique you want the presenters to be sure to include, please feel free to email the presenters: cleyda[at]

Keywords: Web Analytics, Search Engine Optimization, Online Advertising, Content Delivery, Usability, Readability, Visibility, Eye-Tracking Studies, Web site audit, Google Tracking


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